About Neil

I have been interested in dog training since I got my first dog, a Border Collie called Scout. I attended Sound Hounds puppy training classes and was amazed at how much fun it was and how beneficial simple basic training techniques were to both Scout and myself. I continued through the Kennel Club levels achieving our Gold Award when Scout was around 18 months. My interest in training and behaviour grew and when the opportunity arose to become a trainer with Sound Hounds I jumped at the chance. It was a steep learning curve but watching and learning how different dogs respond was fascinating.

I enjoy helping people to achieve the very best from their new puppies and being there to guide them through problems is very rewarding, I know it can be daunting for new puppy owners but with our guidance and skill you can produce the very best from your puppy.

I also have two other Border Collies, Mira and Drift who both compete in competitive agility and they all accompany me regularly on hill walking trips and we all spend many hours outside enjoying the countryside.