About Peta

Throughout my childhood my Christmas list every year had a Yorkshire Terrier (I’m a Yorkshire lass) and a pogo stick – I never succeeded in getting either! I then had a busy career as a manager in the NHS and it never seemed fair to have a dog who I would be apart from a lot. When I decided to leave the NHS it was the ideal time to get my first puppy – Wilf the cavapoo. I could not have anticipated how much this would change my life.

I attended Sound Hounds training and was fascinated by what I was learning. My career was dealing with what motivates people and how to get the best from them. I became interested in better understanding why dogs behave as they do and how the right training and handling can give both the dogs and their families a more positive and fun experience.

I have learnt so much from Nicky and her instructors and will take any opportunity to watch, participate and learn. I love the approach taken at Sound Hounds and the fact that the welfare of each dog is at the centre of everything, as well as keeping things simple and fun. The more people enjoy what they are doing, the more fun it will be for their dog and the more they will learn. Rain or shine, what can be more fun than working with a group of cute puppies and watching them develop?