Training & Socialisation Classes

Sound Hounds also offers lots of training and socialisation opportunities for puppies which run alongside our regular training classes.

I have regular puppy parties which are a great way of providing some additional socialisation.  The groups are limited to 5 puppies with lots of opportunity for your puppy to play with puppies of a similar age and size.  There are also a variety of activities for your puppy to explore such as scent work exercises, agility equipment and a variety of enrichment games and activities.  Puppy parties are held at all our venues on a regular basis and lasts for one hour.

I also have puppy training walks available, these are held in a variety of public parks and will help your puppy to learn to focus on you when in a busy, distracting environment.  I will help your puppy to develop their attention and work on exercises such as recall, puppy positions and lead work using motivational games and positive reward based training techniques.  The puppy training walks are limited to 5 puppies and last for one hour.

Puppy socialisation walks are more geared towards play with a group of four puppies carefully matched to ensure that everyone has a positive experience.  I will help confident puppies learn to play a little calmer and give more sensitive puppies lots of time and space to develop their confidence.  I will help you understand your puppy’s body language so you are able to help them have positive play experiences in the future. The play session can be off lead or on a long line depending on your puppy’s current level of training, there will also practise our recall from play during this session. These sessions are held in public parks and last for one hour.