Canine First Aid courses

Sound Hounds is proud to offer quarterly canine first aid courses which are designed to provide you with the knowledge to give your dog emergency first aid help should something happen. The 2 hour course will be ran by a qualified veterinary nurse with a wealth of knowledge and experience. The course will cover the following topics

Common Health Problems:

This includes day to day illnesses such as vomiting, diarrhoea and lameness. It will provide you with help and advice on how to manage these issues as well as up to date information on when to call the vet.

Serious sudden incidents:

It can be extremely distressing should your dog have a fit, seizure, or allergic reaction. This section will cover what to look out for and how to react in an emergency. We can help make your worse nightmare easier to deal with and help you to help your dog before you get to your vets. We can teach you what to do should your dog eat an object such as a sock as well as covering poisoning and poisonous items.

First Aid Situations:

We will show you how to apply a pressure bandage and give you the opportunity to have a go. We will provide you with information on how to transport an injured animal, how to split up a dog fight as well as covering common injuries such as abrasions, puncture wounds, fractures and lacerations.

You will learn how to stop bleeding, deal with burns and scalds and hyperthermia. This section also looks at the different type of bandages and what they are used for.

Finding the pulse and checking vital signs:

We will demonstrate how to find your dogs pulse and will advise you on what are normal pulse rates. You will learn how to check your dogs mucous membranes and learn when you should call the vet. You will have the chance to practise checking capillary refill times on our demonstration dogs.

We can prepare you if your dog should stop breathing by showing you how to use CPR.

Information will be delivered using powerpoint and all participants will receive a handout containing all the information covered during the course along with spaces for you to take notes. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance and participation.

These workshops are quarterly please contact us. For further information or to book a place please contact Nicky on 07855 706122 or email