About Jennie

I have always had a keen interest in animals since I was very young, I grew up with cats and dogs, and spent my weekends running wild on my grandparents’ farm!

I remember longing for my own dog as a young teenager, at 18 I finally persuaded my family that one more dog wouldn’t make much difference. Having grown up with border collies, and knowing that anything other than a border collie just wouldn’t be acceptable in my parents’ eyes…. I promptly went out and got myself a Boxer! My first boy, a white boxer called Baxter, was an absolute gem, and I quickly realised that I could never live without a boxer by my side!

When I left school I worked in a boarding kennels for a year before realising that rescue, training and behavioural rehabilitation was where my heart really belonged. I worked for Dogs Trust for 11years, most of which was spent as a trainer, working with dogs with various different behavioural issues. Obviously during that time a few dogs ended up coming home ‘for the night’ and never actually left! I’ve found every dog I have owned or worked with has had something to teach me; and I like to think that those dogs have had an impact on me when helping other owners and dogs in their training.

I first met Nicky in 2015, when I took my current boxer, Nelson, to training classes. When Nicky offered me the chance to get involved with Sound Hounds I jumped at the chance. Within a year I was able to work full time with the club, running training classes and dog walking. I thoroughly enjoy teaching classes and watching the dogs’ progress through the different exercises and levels, and the bond that is created or strengthened through people and dogs working and learning together. I am very quick to fall in love with a dog, meaning that all the dogs I walk feel like an extended part of my family!

When I’m not working (and falling in love with clients’ dogs), I’m generally enjoying the company of Nelson and my other dog Maggie, a pug/Chihuahua rescue.