About Nicky

Having been a dog lover since being a very small child, working with dogs was something that was inevitable. Coming from a non animal background meant that it wasnt until my early 20’s that I became the proud owner of my first dog, a Welsh Springer Spaniel called Sam. My interest in dogs increased and I began to reasearch, learn and digest every bit of information I could and quickly resigned from my normal office job to take up a role in a local vets.

Some years later my interest began to move to animal behaviour and a natural progression into working in animal rescue took place. Working for the RSPCA brought home to me the huge disservice humans gave to animals and made me even more determined to learn about training and behaviour. I rehomed a poor terrified cross Whippet from the RSPCA, she had been mistreated and was a cowering wreck for weeks and weeks, but with my patience and understanding of fear related behaviour Katie quickly overcame her horrific past, again spurring me on to develop the knowledge to help other dogs.

I became a training and behaviour advisor at Dogs Trust and spent the next three years working with some of the most difficult dogs in the country. Many of them were young adolescent dogs who had been bought as cute puppies but had not received the appropriate training whilst others had been victims of abusive, neglectful humans and demonstrated behavioural problems as a result. These dogs gave me the experience, knowledge and determination to set up Sound Hounds.

I quickly became a qualified instructor with the Kennel Club and began to offer their Good Citizen Scheme which is designed to promote responsible pet ownership. I am also a qualified assessor which enables me to visit other local clubs to assess dog and handler combinations which are attempting their Good Citizen awards.

Today I am joined in my classes by Welsh Springers Freddie and Bertie. They are living proof of the benefits of consistent positive training techniques as they are the most wonderful companions and a real pleasure to own.  They, along with three rescue Whippets, provide me with hours of fun and entertainment and help to keep my love of dogs alive.