Training & Socialisation Walks

I run regular training walks, these are in local parks and cover the exercises you would expect to find in a training class but in a more natural environment.  This will help your dog to learn to respond to you with higher distractions and stimulus and will help you to manage them more effectively on your regular daily walks.  You will be amazed at how simple motivational games will help you achieve a good recall, accurate heel work and reliable impulse control. These sessions last for one hour and are limited to 5 dogs.

Socialisation walks are more geared to play time and can be off lead or on a long line depending on your dog’s current level of training.  I have a small group or 4/5 dogs and will match them according to their size and temperament.  I will carefully manage the play to ensure that everyone has a positive experience with lots of work on training a reliable recall.  I will help you to understand your dog’s body language so you can ensure that they have positive socialisation experiences in the future.  These sessions are held in local parks and last for one hour.